Terms and conditions

Online services and payments

The terms & conditions on this page explain the agreement (contract) between PROMPT and you, the user of PROMPT’s services or products.

You automatically agree to fully accept PROMPT’s terms & conditions below anytime you do any of the following things: visit PROMPT’s website or social media pages, purchase services or products from PROMPT, receive free services or products from PROMPT or when you become a PROMPT member or subscriber.

Class cancellation

All cancellations of coaching sessions, One:one language classes and CORE language classes need at least 6 business hours notice. Group classes can only be canceled by the HR department of your company. If you cancel with less than 6 business hours notice, you lose your paid-for class. You can cancel your class directly with your teacher or through the email: atendimento@promptcl.com.br


People development training sessions and workshops can only be canceled by the HR department of your company.


Technical issues and platforms

Skype, Google hangouts/meet, Webex, Zoom are the platforms used by Prompt teachers to teach online. Such platforms are extremely reliable; we provide training, workshops, and language classes online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, experiencing almost no problems! If you have electricity or technical problems from your side, PROMPT can not be responsible if you miss a class or part of a class. For quality control and training purposes, classes may be recorded.


Pricing conditions

Price is negotiated directly with your company. Your share of payment follows your company’s policy of people's development. In case of questions please first contact your internal contact then forward their response to us by email to atendimento@promptcl.com.br


 Scheduling conditions  

Classes and sessions will be scheduled by phone, email or Whatsapp with you by Prompt’s team. Scheduled times will be shared in your local time.