Our Focus


Prompt dedicates to teaching English, Spanish and Portuguese to business people working in the Animal Health sector.
We customize your classes according to each need from any area inside an Animal Health pharmaceutical company.


Learn twice as fast with flexibility by combining soft skills and languages.

Gain visibility by having the right thing to say at the right moment and develop your career. 
If you don't like your first 3 months of class, we'll give your money back.

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Animal Health

Areas such as Technology and Devices, Ruminants, Swine, Poultry, Companion Animals, HR, Legal, Regulatory Affairs, and others are just a few examples of what we can customize for you.

Your classes' content is tailored according to where you work, your needs, and your profile.


We understand your language, your needs, and your reality. We won't be scared when discussing Mastitis, Ectos, Endectos, Gumboro, Ileitis, etc. 
We won't be lost either when talking about Simparica, Nobivac, Ultifend IBD ND, Mastijet, or any other small or big players.
Elanco, Zoetis, Bayer, Antelliq/Allflex/MSD, all of that means something to us too.

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Be global

As we are present and have partners worldwide, we know what's the expectation your global office may have to your local strategies. 

We can assist you in better preparing for your business review presentations, while giving you insights on where you will be challenged.


We combine language teaching with news from the animal health market.

The main segments include future farming, feed, ruminants, poultry, swine, and companion animals.

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Using artificial intelligence, we build your profile in 20 minutes. We reach over 80 characteristics of the individual to prepare a course specifically designed for our Animal Health student.


+500 presidents, directors, and senior managers of Animal Health companies on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, in Europe, North and South America have approved our methodology. 

Let's discuss how you can have better-prepared leaders in your company.

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